About Me

Just a quick introduction. Hi, my name is Brenda Everett, and I am a wife, mother, new-grandmother, genealogist, book lover, music lover, a keeper of the family stories and a sometimes student. I’ve worked in technology as software asset manager, a commercial web blog (ghost) writer, a data asset manager, an incident manager, a client impact manager, and a data communications manager. I’ve also been an executive secretary, an audit clerk, and a teller. Writing has been a passion of mine since the 4th grade when I learned rhyming can be fun. This lead to some mostly bad poetry, with a few strange short stories thrown in later down the line. In this blog, you’ll find some of the things I’ve experienced as well as observations about life in general, and a periodic book review if I’m feeling chatty. Here’s hoping you find my life more interesting than I do.

Hope you enjoy and welcome!

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