About Me

Just a quick introduction. Hi, my name is Brenda Everett, and I am a mother, wife, genealogist, book lover, music lover, a keeper of the family stories, and a sometimes student. I’ve worked in technology as an asset manager, an incident manager, a client impact manager, and a data communications manager. I’ve also been an executive secretary, an audit clerk, and a teller. Writing has been a passion of mine since the 4th grade when I learned rhyming can be fun. This lead to some mostly bad poetry, with a few strange short stories thrown in later down the line. For the past several years, I’ve just been capturing stories about my family or life in journal or story form. In this blog, you’ll find stories from my life, observations about life in general, and a weekly book review, more if I’m feeling chatty.

About my book reviews. Fridays will be for my Fun Friday Reads. Instead of a Pro and Con list, I’ll include Cushions and Cautions. Since cushions are comfy, you’ll find a listing of things in the book that I found made me feel especially good – like a good cozy cushion. Since not every “con” I find in a book will be a con to another reader, I list Cautions, which will be a list of themes that some readers may need to consider before reading the novel.   Although my taste in books is eclectic, I tend to go through particular genres at a time. Lately, my reading interests lean towards romantic comedies, contemporary romance, romantic suspense, the occasional paranormal (especially if it has humor), some historical romance, educational-motivational/self-help, some children’s books, a few comic books (Sunday comic types), and books about cowboys, once again especially if humor is involved. Seeing a pattern here?

Hope you enjoy and welcome!

It is what it is yo.


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