Fun Friday Reads: Snow Falling on Bluegrass by Molly Harper

Snow Falling on Bluegrass

Laugh Out Loud Good

Rating: 5 Stars

Kelsey’s love life was pretty messed up, having just gotten out of a toxic relationship, but luckily she’s about to be snowed in with long time crush Charlie, along with a host of zany characters, or rather co-workers (and we’ve all experienced these).

The Kentucky Commission on Tourism (KCT) is heading out on a winter retreat for a planning session of the upcoming year’s campaign. Kelsey and her boss have every detail planned out to ensure the retreat’s success, with the exception of some cell phone issues – Kelsey is avoiding all messages since most are from her mother or her ex, and her boss’s cell just isn’t charged. When they arrive, they find a sudden snowstorm shuts down most of the state (based on a true incident), and the KCT folks find themselves trapped at the lodge with only Ranger Luke as their host, since all other expected guests responded to their cancellation calls. As the team begins to show some very odd signs of cabin fever, Kelsey’s boss looks to her to steer everyone back on track so they can focus on the campaign. In the midst of all this, Kelsey decides to put out feelers to her long time crush Charlie, their statistician, but hunky Ranger Luke provides some distraction as well.

This book is the third in Molly Harper’s Bluegrass series, and the first book I’ve read from this author. Let me just say, that I normally do not care for books written in first person, but I can say without reservation that I absolutely loved this book. The dialogue is smart, snappy, and just plain laugh out loud funny.   This story is billed as Parks & Recreation meets The Blue Collar Comedy Tour, but I would also add that there’s a heavy dose of Dilbert.

Cushions: Funny, sharp dialogue, nice plot with expected twists, good character development, creative scenarios, a sweet romance, no violence.

Cautions: Pillow fort sex, mild bad language, gay relationship (non-graphic), mention of the Donner Party (non-graphic light humor).

Favorite Scenes: As the group becomes restless, experiencing a bad case of cabin fever, Kelsey comes up with some creative diversionary tactics; for example, generating a debate deciding who they would eat first, as well as an impromptu game of Office Jeopardy with a category for Funny Staff Phobias. Other favorites include the scene where she’s attacked by a cranky marsupial, and when Kelsey and her nerd herd (friends) come up with Protocol: Icarus, a list of punishments to be inflicted on her ex.

Although this book works as a standalone, I’m hooked enough to want to go back and read the previous two in the series. Good job Ms. Harper!

I received my copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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