Post Op – Choose The Face That Best Describes…

Wong-Baker FACES Pain Rating ScaleMy spouse and I were your basic nervous wrecks by the time the alarm went off yesterday morning, having gotten little sleep. My hubby more so than me, because face it, it’s all about him. After all, all I have to do is slip into oblivion while he paces the floor wondering if I’ll come out of the anesthesia (his biggest fear), then afterwards he’s the one who has to help me negotiate around the furniture as I list toward walls and sharp corners, not to mention getting to the restroom and working me into a sitting position in the bed for sleep time.

Whatever they gave me made me sleep most of the day and night, and nod off about every few seconds in my wakeful moments. I’d frequently awaken to find I was still holding a cup of water or tea. Luckily my hubby put the hot tea in a travel mug – it’s like the adult version of a sippy cup, so I was good to go.   He carted lots and lots of liquids to me (I was really thirsty), and made sure I was stocked up with crackers, and surrounded by the remote controls, my iphone, my ipad, my favorite books and Sudoku (none of which I felt like using, but sweet on his part), the nice cozy rice wrap I made him last Christmas wrapped lovingly around my tootsies as I got the chills, and of course, all my post op meds. Oh, and did I mention he’d been offered meals from our church, which he turned down saying he had it all under control. (Big knowing smile on my face as I tried to talk him out of that decision, since we women caretakers know it is always a big mistake to turn down a gift like this.) Bless his heart. By the end of the day, he was so exhausted. However, today, he was not too proud to admit he needed a little help and some very kind ladies from our church brought our guys some deliciousness for dinner.

My part was easy. Patient. Pain. Dizzy. Sleepy. Simple. Three more and I could have my own dwarf system, but I guess my role would more likely be Snow White after she bit the pretty apple.

For those of you who’ve been under general anesthesia, I guess you can probably relate when I tell you that it’s a little disconcerting when you are finally lucid enough to talk to your spouse and daughter, only to have them tell you that you were very entertaining coming out of the fog. No, no, I can’t remember exactly what you said, but boy did we all find it funny, medical staff included.  You were definitely on the goofy juice. I think my hubby’s next comment saved him from getting the stink eye from me, when he followed up by saying “You know how you normally have that Betty Rubble laugh?” Did he really want me to agree? I figured this was a rhetorical question, so I just waited.   “Well,” he says, “ever since you woke up, you’ve had this really sexy laugh.”   Okay, so now he’s racked up bonus points.   Gotta love a man who’s willing to go the extra mile without even trying.

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